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Below, you’ll find several different recorded interviews with Diane where she talks about leadership, nonverbal communication and finding your path to joy.

Sara Exley Interview

Sara Exley interviewed Diane on her radio show, Present Moment Parenting on July 12th 2011. We talked about the journey of parenting a child with autism, energy and horses.

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Koren Motekaitis Interview

Koren Motekaitis interviewed Diane on her radio show, How She Really Does it on April 3rd 2011.

Mind-Body Coach Diane Hunter teaches leadership. Diane’s classroom can be in a round pen with horses where she teaches her clients how to lead from their core and connect with their inner guidance system. She also teaches parents how to use these leadership skills to lead their own children and let go of the resistance and end the battles. Diane not only teaches these skills but also practices them daily as she parents two boys, one of whom is preverbal with autism.

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Q&A with Koelle Simpson and Diane Hunter

On June 4th 2010, Koelle and Diane talk about their parenting workshop with horses.

Koelle and I talk about how working with horses can change the way you parent. Horses are extraordinary teachers who help you understand how you’re communicating on a nonverbal level all the time.

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Interview with Marquita Thompson on Blog TalkRadio

You’re invited to listen to this recorded BlogTalkRadio interview where I discuss my experience raising my son with autism and his healing process. I share how learning the power of nonverbal communication with horses enriched our connection and dramatically changed the way I parent. The interview was conducted April 20th 2010 by Marquita Thompson on her Blog TalkRadio Show. Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more about the programs I offer with horses.

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Recorded discussion on the basic concepts of what it means to listen beyond words and how it applies to parenting.

Learn how tuning into all the nonverbal cues can help you connect and understand your child’s behaviors.

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