Practice and Integration: 10-Week Mastery Telecourse

Connect With Your Heart

Awesome!  So you’ve gone through a portal of awareness, you’ve received new insights….now what?

Sometimes going through that portal will shake things up and feel like a bomb exploded all over the place. It’s not always like this. There are times when it’s a nice, gentle ride. For those times when it gets super bumpy and you feel like you’ve gone off the rails and lost your track, the next step is put your new awareness into practice.

How? You’ve seen with your soul who you are. Now you develop a practice to live life from this space of understanding with compassion, playfulness, clarity, focus and intention.

For example, you find out you allow people to walk all over you and use you as a doormat. The practice: invite space in and practice setting healthy, compassionate boundaries.

Or you may have a tendency to question yourself and get stuck in the same patterns when a plan doesn’t work or communication breaks down. The practice? Invite in compassion for the part of you doing the best you can and start to play the warmer/colder game. Try a new pattern and see if you get warmer or if you get colder. Take in feedback with compassion for yourself and allow mistakes.

My mantra for mistakes; fail fast and fail often. It’s all feedback and how we learn.

This course is designed to support you as you define your practice. Awareness is the first step and practice leads to your integration.

Content and Coaching sessions will alternate during the duration of the course.

Class 1:  Get Unstuck and Foundational Grounding

Class 2:  Coaching on Class 1 Content

Class 3: Embrace All of You and Relationships

Co-teaching with Dr. Harold Hoyle

Class 4:  Coaching on Class 1 Content

Class 5: How you show up in the world

Co-teaching with Erin Cutshall

Class 6:  Coaching on Class 1 Content

Class 7: Trust Your Intuition

Class 8:  Coaching on Class 1 Content

Class 9: What wants to be created

Class 10:  Coaching on Class 1 Content

Course content includes tools, coaching, stories and homework to help you anchor in the foundational principals to support you on your soul’s journey.

Dates:  Weekly Every Wednesday – June 12 – August 14
Time:   1pm PT / 2 pm MT / 3 pm CT / 4 pm ET

Calls will be 60 minutes.

Course Includes:

  • Weekly course materials and call recordings.
  • Private Facebook forum to connect with fellow participants
  • 5 Classes of content and practice strategies
  • Coaching call to support your practice and integration process

Cost:  $275