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The Integration of You

Do you feel that deep inside, you have a bigger purpose?  Do you yearn to feel whole, at peace and a sense of belonging?

Are you ready to open up to embrace all parts of you?

The Integration of You is lovingly designed to guide you back home to you, all of you.  Whether you want to find the more feminine or masculine side of you does not matter.  Both live within you but we often learn to dismiss and reject parts of ourselves due to social conditioning

So how do you find the missing parts of you?

Finding the tracks to you involves tuning into the non-verbal cues and communication that your body, heart and environment share with you at any given moment, waiting to be heard, seen and acknowledged.

Firstly and most importantly, you have everything you need.  You may not believe that…..yet.  That’s okay because you won’t be doing this alone.  2012 was a powerful year for my own personal integration.  I will share with you what I’ve learned from my body-heart-energy connection and from many wise, compassionate teachers.

Whether you are brand new to exploring your personal integration or deep into your journey, there may be times when you get stuck and want help.

I see you, all of you and I believe in you.  I walk beside you and provide scaffolding as you take your journey to open up and embrace all parts of you.

It starts with one step.  As one very wise teacher shared when I was stuck, “The bridge appears when you take the step.”  If you are ready to build the bridge back to you, join me to discover the parts of you blocked from view, the parts you have rejected, ignored, shunned.

Ready to take a step?

I’ve created four access points to the program and you decide where you want to enter.

Access Point 1:  Strengthen Your Foundation:  4 week teleclass

Connect with the core principals to support you on your integration journey.  Body, Emotion, Energy, Heart

When:  April 10-May 1  Wednesdays 12pm – 1pm Pacific / 3pm – 4pm Eastern

Access Point 2:  Portal of Awareness:  Equus Workshop Retreat – 2 options

Portals exist everywhere when you open up to see with your eyes AND your soul.  They are everywhere in nature, your relationships, your work, your body….the opportunities for awareness is everywhere.  I choose horses because they show up without any judgement.  They are incredibly sensitive and provide immediate biofeedback to let you know how you show up in the world.  And what shows up in the round pen, shows up in your life.

Horses gently spotlight where you may hold back and feel stuck.  Awareness is the first step  and hold back and get in your own way of expressing your big, bold powerfu what keeps you from leading your life with clarity, awareness,how you show up in the world and

Option 1:  May 11-12  Northstar Ranch, Arroyo Grande, CA with Co-facilitator Koelle Simpson

Option 2: June 1-2   Chaparral Ranch, Milpitas, CA with Co-facilitator Erin Cutshall


Private Mentoring

Equus Coaching

Private 1:1 Coaching