The Integration of YOU

Deep inside, there is a part of you that knows you have a powerful mission and purpose in life. You yearn to feel whole and at peace and you’re feeling blocked; you’re not fully trusting your intuitive power.

Whether you are brand new to exploring your personal integration or deep into your journey, there may be times when you get stuck and want help. Where you feel stuck is what blocks your connection to your heart and your relationships.  It takes a lot of energy to hold up those barriers.  Invite the space in and see where you hold yourself back from leading a fully integrated life.

Integrate:  To make into a whole by bringing all parts together.

So how do you find the track back to you?

By tuning into the non-verbal cues and communication your body, heart and soul express at any given moment, waiting to be heard, seen and acknowledged.  Whether you are brand new to exploring your personal integration or deep into your journey, there may be times when you get stuck and want help.

It starts with one step. The bridge appears as you take the step.

If you are ready to build the bridge back to you, I will walk beside you as you track your inner footsteps and embrace all parts of you; both the light and the shadows.  I see you, all of you and I believe in you.

Ready to take a step?

I’ve created four access points following the rhythm of nature. I invite you to choose as many access points you’re inspired to enter.

Access Point 1:  Strengthen Your Foundation:  4-week teleclass

Winter:  Time to prepare the soil for Spring. Time for contraction, looking inward, quite time, and foundation building; a time to develop listening skills that will support you throughout your journey.

In this first phase of foundation building you will learn to listen to feedback available to you through your mind, heart and soul. I’ve packed this course with the core touchstone strategies to support you on your integration journey.

This access point is for you if your feeling stuck, confused or lost and your internal support structure feels a bit ungrounded and wobbly.  You may feel disconnected from your inner guidance system and overwhelmed by circumstances in your life. When crisis hits and you need to draw upon your inner strength, a solid foundation will provide the navigation required to find the path back to a gentle state of flow.

When:  April 24-May 15  Wednesdays 1pm – 2pm Pacific / 4pm – 5pm Eastern

Access Point 2:  Portal of Awareness:  Equus Workshop Retreat

Spring: Your soil is primed and ready and it’s time for new growth and awareness to take seed.

Portals exist everywhere when you open up to see with your eyes and your soul.  They exist in nature, your relationships, your work, your body, everywhere. I choose horses because they show up without any judgement.  They are incredibly sensitive and provide immediate feedback to let you know how you show up in the world.

Horses gently spotlight where you may hold back and feel stuck.  Awareness is the first step

This access point is for you if you have a sense of where you’re headed but you don’t quite see it.

When:   June 1-2   Los Gatos Farms, Los Gatos, CA with Co-facilitator Erin Cutshall

Access Point 3:  Practice and Integration: 10-Week Mastery Telecourse

Summer: Time to roll up your sleeves and tend the garden, cultivate and integrate your new awareness.  

How many times have you experienced a transforming insight then said to yourself “Now What?”  This course is the “Now What”.

This access point is for you if you’ve gained a new level of awareness either through equus coaching or another portal and you’re ready to integrate your new awareness into your daily life and relationships.

When:  June 12-August 14  Wednesdays 1pm – 2pm Pacific / 4pm – 5pm Eastern

Access Point 4:  See With the Souls of Your Feet:  Tracking Retreat

Fall:  Time to celebrate your growth and harvest what you’ve integrated.  Also, time to feed your new integrated awareness back into your foundation to prepare for new, expanded awareness. Thus, the cycle continues with contraction and expansion, rest and play, inhale and exhale, showing you the way back to oneness.

What do you want to create in your life?  What is your dream?

Your relationship with creativity blooms as you hone your tracking skills. Ready to find your hot track? I’m co-creating a tracking experience with three extraordinary trackers; two that I met on my own tracking adventure in Londolozi, South Africa and one from my home state of California who is very familiar with the local habitat.

Option 1:  Starts 3pm Friday August 23rd – 4pm Monday August 26th
Option 2: Starts 3pm Tuesday August 26th – 4pm Friday August 30th
Accommodations:  Ojai, CA
Tracking and Trailing Retreat Location:  Los Padres National Forest